Our Core Values

Transparency inside and outside

Being clear, simple and honest with our employees, clients and suppliers is the key to a successful and enduring business. Being transparent, as well as guaranteeing an excellent collaboration atmosphere within the company, is essential for a solid and long-lasting development.

Tidiness and Care

Alumat works in tidy environments that make the care for details possible and simpler, in order to guarantee its clients a perfect result. Thanks to the application of a 5S System and a Lean Manufacturing, our production is extremely tidy, so that we can ensure the best efficiency.

Health and Safety

Just as it’s necessary to work in tidy environments, it’s even more important for us to work safely and remove any possible source of danger. The development of training courses related to health and the incentives for healthy lifestyles, combined with good corporate practices, allow Alumat to be an award-winning player in the corporate well-being.


The attitude to change is necessary, especially today, to keep up with a faster and diverse world. To be able to manage these trends, it’s essential to be intrigued by the countless inputs that society, market and people’s needs offer to us. Curiosity is the skill that allows us to stay always updated and to predict the times to come!