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The design of a perfect profile starts from the idea of creating it by analysing every detail, thanks to everyone’s collaboration for a common goal: perfection.

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Die Types

Some of the Alumat dies and their Peculiarities


Products: Pneumatic cylinders, round tubes.

Amvico Cut

Products: Heat sinks, flower type heat sink and Critical Shelves.

Big Eye

Products: Drawbar rings, curtain frames and heat sinks.

Butterfly Die

Products: Curtain Walls and Solar Panels.


Products: Bumpers and Crush Boxes


Products: Rollers, Spacing Wheels.

Dog Bone

Products: Windows, Profiles with Large Masses and Curtain Walls.


Products: Cylinders Pumps Engine.

Inverse Pyramid

Products: Tubular products.

No Dead Zones

ProdottiProducts: Curtain walls and structural profiles.


Products: Bars, Bumpers, Telescopic Chains.

Shrinking Ring

Products: Profiles for trains

Single Bridge

Products: Wall Curtains, Windows, Custom Profiles.


Products: Bumpers.


Products: Sideboards.


Products: Sideboards.

Under the Bridge

Products: Profiles for trains, structural profiles.

Zero Die Corrections

Products: Complex Profiles.
You also want sustainable Partners

We are part of the aluminium supply chain which is at the basis of systems that promote environmental sustainability. This ranges from ecological constructions, which make energy and material savings possible, to super light transport constructions. We try to make the extrusion process the most sustainable ever by reducing energy consumption and production waste.

Internal Recycling

We recycle everything that’s recyclable: from raw materials to the very few printed sheets that we still use.

Sustainable Steels

We are constantly pushing for the creation of Sustainable Steels.

Solar Panels Use

Since 2010, part of the energy we use comes from our 230 Kw “Solar Roof”.

ISO 14001 Certification

We achieved this certification to minimize our environmental impact.

We Can Do It
Here’s how

but Always With You

We strongly believe in the winning force of collaboration. The continuous cooperation with the client from the development phase to the after-sales phase is an element that characterizes us and that allows us to achieve excellent results.

Here are the Tools and Services for Efficient Collaborations

Die Feed App

Support App for Corrections

This new application allows the die correction departments to detect the results of the first tests.

Clients Visits

We come to see you to get to know you better

Our sales technicians are constantly on the road to visit customers and discuss the best solutions with them. Our agents are able to cover the entire client network.

Back Office

We’re always By Your Side: before during and after

We are in constant contact with customers through our back office. Through this service we can offer a better and constant collaboration, but above all immediate answers to solve problems.


We discuss to Improve together

Web-based meetings take place regularly to keep in touch and save time when travelling is not possible.

This is Alumat

You just have to send us your request

Only in this way you’ll find that everything we have shown above will help you to get the best!


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